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DireWolves and The Mulhalls

As recently as 'The Battle of the Bastards' one of the owners of the Dire Wolf dogs, Caelan Mulhall; was pictured in an extra scene.

There are no Tour guides who have as much of an insight and in depth 'on set'  knowledge of the Game of Thrones series.

Not only will you get to meet the beautiful Summer and Greywind, but you also get to meet the owners who can tell you all about; what it was like to act in scenes you have marvelled at in this incredible HBO series.

Who knows they might give you confirmation about something you have always suspected about the cast!
Deep in County Down countryside surrounded by Game of Thrones filming locations, living happily 40 minutes south of Belfast, are two dogs known locally from a picturesque coastal village; as the Mulhall's dogs; Odin and Thor.

But to millions of Game of Thrones fans they are known as the incredibly popular Direwolves Summer and Greywind, in the books and the globally successful HBO Drama series.

The adventurous owners of the “Direwolves” are themselves a rare breed and they are fervent and passionate ambassadors for the breed of dogs known as Northern Inuits as well as starring as extra's in several episodes of the hit series themselves.
When not working the boys and their dogs enjoy walks along the Stunning coastline and country parks close to their famous home.

Meeting hundreds of Global Tourists / fans every week Odin and Thor are loved by their family the Mulhalls who have owned them since pups when they made their fist appearance in Series One and subsequently they have a deep and personal knowledge in the production of Game of Thrones. 

Not only do you get to meet the Direwolves you will also meet the Family who have deeply interesting stories about the Cast, locations and insights into the show in this stunning part of County Down Northern Ireland.

With Direwolf tours you are given the opportunity to meet some of the most famous dogs in the world. You will able to hear stories from the owners on how these family dogs became involved in the show and what they get up to now. Take as many photos as you wish with the dogs and make your friends at home really jealous! So come along as they will be glad to meet and impart their personal experiences to you like no other Tour operator can.

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